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Pumps are the heart of any water feature, continually circulating water and providing aeration to create the basis for a stable ecosystem. Proper pump sizing is critical to the health and function of the water feature and you want to be sure you’ve selected the correct pump. We’re here to help!

Aquascape provides our easy-to-use pond pump selection guide to help you choose the proper pump family for your water feature, whether it’s a pond, waterfall, or fountain.

Pond Volume Calculation:

To maintain proper filtration and support pond fish, we recommend selecting a pump that turns over/filters the total gallons in the pond at least once every hour. Use the following formula to calculate the total volume of water contained in your pond. Note: this calculation factors in rocks and curved edges to provide a more accurate calculation for most ecosystem ponds. Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.) x 7.48 x 0.8 = Total Gallons Example: 8 ft. x 11 ft. x 1.5 ft. Avg. Depth x 7.48 x 0.8 = 790 Total

Gallons Waterfall Width:

We recommend 125 gallons per hour (GPH) for every inch of waterfall width. Higher flow rates can be used to provide more dramatic water flows. Use this simple formula to calculate the minimum flow rate for the width of your waterfall. Waterfall Width (in.) x 125 (GPH) = Minimum Waterfall Flow Rate Example: 24 in. wide waterfall x 125 (GPH) = 3,000 (GPH) Minimum Waterfall Flow Rate

Choose the higher of the two numbers (Total Gallons and Minimum Waterfall Flow Rate) to determine your recommended flow rate.

Head Height:

The calculation below is a simple way to estimate approximate head height and allow you to use pump performance specifications below to select the correct pump for your application. (Elevation in feet) + (Pipe Length in feet ÷ 10) = Approximate Head Height Elevation: Height difference from water level in the feature to the top of the waterfall Pipe Length: Total length of pipe Example: Elevation: 3 feet Pipe length: 20 feet (3 ft.) + (20 ft. ÷ 10) = 5 ft. of head height

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